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1 After the war, the first known settler in what is now Blackville proper was an Irishman, Cornelius Tobin, whose family had re-patronized to Ireland from France. He entered through the port of Charleston in the late 1700's, acquired ten black slaves, and built a plantation which ran from the Edisto River to Barnwell, and from what is now Denmark to Williston. He built a home near where the Blackville Country Club swimming pool is today. The plantation was named Fairmont, and was described as splendid than any thing in Charleston. 
2 Baptized on Sept. 18, 1881, Godparents Alejandro Cass and Inez Tobin in the church on Santisima Trinidad. The church was located about 15 miles southwest of San Antonio, Tx. on the Somerset Road, that crosses the Medina River. It was called 'Paso de las Garzas' and the church was on the land of Blas Herrera, son-in-law of Fransico.Ruiz. The church was moved around 1905 to Von Ormy and re-named Sacred Heart Church which still stands today. A new church was built in 1982.

Source: Lilia Mendoza Castillo 
3 Daniel Isidore Tobin was born 1783 in Kilkenney Co. Ireland,and died Nov. 22, 1849 in Barnwell Co. SC. He married Agnes(anais) Lartique April 17, 1817 in Richmond Co. GA. She was born 1800 in GA.

One or more members of the Peeples clan owned much of the land between Williston and Blackville, including part of the land which is the site of the old Frost Branch Missionary Church and Cemetery. The "Old Place" mentioned in a narrative about Frost Branch Church was purchased by Reverend Darling Peeples in 1824. At the time it was called Kilkenny Plantation. The name was later changed to the Old Reynolds Place Plantation. By the end of the Civil War it was referred to as Fairmount Plantation and was owned for years by descendants of Peeples. 
4 Daughter of a former governor of the Mexican Province from which Texas was formed. NAVARRO, MARIA JOSEFA ELENA (I0061)
5 From Google Grupos: Genealogia de Mexico Source (S02550)
6 has prints of Navarro and Ruiz Source (S04060)
7 He moved to Texas 1853. TOBIN Jr., DANIEL ISIDORE (I0062)
8 Jose Antonio Lopez was a hacendado. "The word hacendado refers to Mexican ranchers who had received large land grants on which they maintained big stock-raising operations. It has strong social connotations of power and grandeur, as these men ruled over the families as well as the economics of their large estates."
Source: Early Tejano Ranching, Andres Saenz, page 3

"Antonio was of slender built and had ruddy complexion, blue-grey eyes, and red hair." page 18 
9 June 1880 census shows that Antonio Tobin lived in Carrizo, Zapata County worked as Deputy Sheriff, he was 22 years old, his brother Oscar K. Tobin worked as a clerk. His uncle W.D. Langston, age 37 was the County judge.
His first marriage was to Josefina Cass in the Santisima Trinidad Church, Paso de las Garza's on the Medina River on 9/21/1880. The godparents were Oscar Tobin and Sara Casso. 
10 Perfecto Mendoza had two wives who were sisters, thus they have the same last name of Diaz. After Cesaria died, Perfecto married her sister Teodora.  MENDOZA, JOSE PERFECTO (I0968)
11 The Navarro family was well known in Texas even before Josť Antonio Navarro played a key role in the Texas revolution. Learn about members of this socially and politically prominent San Antonio family. Source (S06272)
12 Tobin family history Source (S02150)
13 Vidal Mendoza became a US citizen at age 49 on May 27, 1918. His wife Beatriz was 36 years old, children: Josephine 11 yrs, Beatriz 10 yrs, Alvino Byrs, Vidal 6 yrs, Lilia 3 yrs, all resided in San Diego, Tx.

Source: Lilia Mendoza Castillo

Vidal was the only child in his family who survived. Three of his sisters died when
they were very young.

14 William Tobin, brother of Daniel Tobin, served in the Cortinas War and was appointed brigadier general in Texas State Troops by Governor Sam Houston. During the War berween the States, William served as a captain. He married Josephine Smith daughter of John W. Smith, the first mayor of San Antonio 1837-47. It was John W. Smith who succeeded in getting out of the ill-fated Alamo in 1836 to get help, after several other volunteers had failed, but before reinforcements could arrive, the Mexicans had massacred the entire garrison.  Tobin, William Gerard (I0721)
15 Women and children of soldiers of Butler's
Rangers were sent to both Montreal and Machiche while their husbands and fathers
were in Niagara.