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Josiah Cass I

The history of Josiah Cass from his days in Canada to his life as a loyalist in the Revolution.

Josiah Cass History

Josiah was born in Hebron, Connecticut. He was believed by his descendants to be a barrister (a lawyer who pleads in higher courts).  He was taken as an orphan and raised by Col John Peters of Hebron, CT. Josiah Cass graduated from Yale in 1758. Josiah was an educated man as was his sister Lois who also went to Vermont with her husband Thomas Rowley where they wrote for periodicals.  Joshia was a teacher and his other activities gave evidence of his sophistication in education.

Josiah Cass was a Loyalist (a colonist of the American revolutionary period who supported the British cause).  He is believed to have lived in Vermont in the town of Rupert near his sister Loisí family.  He destroyed or carried off the town historical records when he left.  The records state that Josiah left the Genesee Valley to join Burgoyne near Montreal at the beginning of the Revolution. The Genesee River emptied into Lake Ontario at the present town of Rochester, NY and was far west of Vermont in the middle of the most powerful and warlike Iroquois Indians before they were destroyed by Sullivan. 

Josiah Cass was lucky to escape.  Over 1,000 Burgoyne troops were killed by snipers behind trees before his detachment reached the Bennington battlefield near Hoosick, New York.  He and his sons lived with other veterans at Camp Machiche on the north shore of St. Lawrence northeast of Montreal for some years where he taught school.  From there they moved to Gaspe on the north shore of Bay Chaleur where he surveyed to help build the town of N. Carlisle.  Josiah did not like the area, however, and finally moved with Elihu and Pomeroy to the Hawkesbury area south of the Ottawa River west of Montreal. Josiah II was married to a local woman and remained on Gaspe to become the ancestor of Cass who spread  over New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the American West.


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